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Piano Moving Made Easy for Atlanta Homeowners

Moving a piano takes great precision to help you protect your investment. While you could arrange to move it yourself, it’s usually best to leave it up to moving experts to avoid a hassle. Whether you’re relocating a piano across town or just moving it to another room in your home, pianos have thousands of delicate parts and components that can be damaged easily if you’re not careful. Additionally, pianos have a very specific size, shape, and weight considerations that require specialized attention. When you need experienced piano movers in the Atlanta or Stockbridge area, Piano Day would be glad to be at your service. We have all the necessary equipment and know-how to make the moving process less stressful, and you’ll find that our piano moving costs are both reasonable and affordable.

Some Helpful Do’s & Don’ts for Moving a Piano

We’ve all seen the old cartoons involving a piano being hoisted out a window and then dropped onto an unsuspecting person on the sidewalk below. While this is far from realistic of the piano moving process, many things could go wrong when moving a piano! Here are some helpful piano moving tips for you to consider from our expert piano movers in the Atlanta area:

  • Take Accurate Measurements – When moving your piano, it’s essential to take the proper measurements to ensure you give the instrument enough space. Always measure the piano’s dimensions itself, as well as your hallway and doorway widths. If your piano doesn’t fit through your hallways or doorways, you may have to disassemble it before relocating it. You’ll also need to ensure it fits inside your storage space or in its new location once the move’s completed.
  • Know the Piano’s Weight – Pianos can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1,000+ pounds and should be handled with care to avoid damages! Your piano’s weight can usually be found on your manufacturer’s label. However, if it’s not on the label, you may be able to call your manufacturer or visit their website. Your piano’s weight is vital information for your piano movers, so they can allocate the right resources to move it safely and efficiently.
  • Don’t Push or Pull – While most pianos have wheels on their legs, you should be aware that this is primarily for decoration. Pushing or pulling your piano on its wheels may place stress on the legs, causing them to break. Wheels can also cause unnecessary damages to your flooring.
  • Identify the Obstacles – You should remove any and all obstacles that don’t allow for a clear path for the piano movers. Being specific with the movers about narrow hallways or stairways can also help them better prepare for your move. Don’t wait until the last minute to arrange for piano moving services or to identify any potential issues you may have. You’ll end up regretting it; trust us!
  • Use the Right Protection – When preparing your piano for a move, it’s essential to know how to pack it correctly. It’s recommended that you wrap your piano in cloth-based padding or materials rather than plastic since they allow for better air circulation.

How to Calculate Your Piano Moving Costs

Make no bones about it – moving a piano is a complicated process! When calculating your piano moving costs, you have to take into consideration how far the distance is. Many movers charge by the mile or by the hour, both of which can add up quickly in a long-distance move. If moving your piano involves carrying it up or down multiple flights of stairs, this can also increase your moving costs, as it makes the move more challenging. How many piano movers are required for the move will also impact your overall moving costs. You should be aware that it’s likely going to take a larger team and more moving equipment to move a grand piano than a much smaller upright or baby grand piano in comparison. With so much to consider, is it any wonder so many choose our professional piano movers in Atlanta instead of moving a piano by themselves?

Call Piano Day to Request Our Piano Moving Costs

If you could use some experienced hands when it comes to moving a piano, Piano Day would be more than happy to send our piano movers in the Atlanta area. Whether moving your piano in-home, locally or across a long distance, we can help ensure your piano makes it safely from Point A to Point B. Please contact us today to request an estimate for our piano moving costs in the Atlanta and Stockbridge area. Whether you own an upright, grand, or baby grand piano, we’ll take excellent care of it for you!