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Experienced Piano Repair for Atlanta & Stockbridge, GA

Pianos usually enjoy a long lifespan as long as you put the proper amount of love and attention into them. However, issues do arise from time to time. If you require professional piano repair in the Atlanta or Stockbridge area, Piano Day is experienced with many types of piano repair issues. Whether you’ve noticed a mysterious squeaking or creaking noise when you play, you have a key that’s sticking, or you have a broken string that’s causing your piano to be out of tune, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be more than happy to come and take a look at it for you!

man fixing a piano

Shedding Some Light on Common Piano Repair Issues

In addition to providing piano sales, Piano Day is dedicated to keeping your piano in good working order so you can enjoy your musical instrument for many years to come. Here are the most common types of piano repair issues we see:

  • Sticking Keys – Sticking keys are one of the most common piano repair issues we encounter. Fortunately, they’re also usually among the cheapest and easiest issues to fix.
  • Missing/Broken Parts – This type of piano repair can range from damaged, missing, or broken strings to chipped ivory or ebony key tops. We’re able to match and replace most key tops, though sometimes it may be more beneficial for you to replace all of them at once rather than individually.
  • Rattling Noises – This is usually a more complex type of piano repair, as it can take us a long time to figure out your piano’s issue. Your piano has over 10,000 delicate parts, and any one of them could be causing the rattling noises.
  • Dirty Keys – It stands to reason that time and usage will eventually cause your piano’s keys to appear dirty or yellowed. Careful cleaning and refinishing may be required to get your piano looking as good as new again!

Schedule a Repair Appointment with Piano Day Today

Like fine wines, pianos usually tend to get better with age. The older your piano is, the less often it will likely need tuning. The same can be said about repairs, as long as you take care of your piano with regular maintenance. However, should you require piano repair in the Atlanta or Stockbridge area, it’s comforting to know that you can rely on Piano Day. Please don’t delay in contacting us to schedule an appointment for expert piano repair or maintenance!

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