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Sweet Harmonies: Piano Tuning for the Greater Atlanta Area

A piano is a complex musical instrument with over 10,000 intricate parts, many of which are delicate and require a professional’s touch to ensure that everything’s functioning as it should be. Regular maintenance is recommended to keep your piano in tune. Tuning is the process of making fine adjustments to your piano’s pitch (string tension) by assessing the vibrations among its notes and ensuring that every pitch is correct in relation to a chosen fixed pitch, which is usually A440, or the A string above the middle C. If you could use regular piano tuning services in the Atlanta area, Piano Day would welcome the opportunity to take a look at it, so you can keep creating sweet harmonies together.

piano open for tuning

Why Do Pianos Require Professional Tuning Services?

It’s usually recommended that pianos get professionally tuned at least twice a year, though you may want to consider tuning it even more often than that, depending on the following:

  • How Frequently You Play – If your piano gets played often or is subjected to “harder” playing, it may require more frequent professional tuning. Your piano’s action parts will require periodic adjustments due to wear-and-tear, compacting, and settling issues. This is referred to as regulating, which may need to be done at least once per year depending on how often you play.
  • Weather & Humidity – Where you keep your piano matters, as atmospheric changes are usually responsible for a piano going out of tune. A higher humidity may cause your piano’s wooden soundboard to swell, making its pitch sharper, while a lower humidity may cause its pitch to go flatter. Like much of the Southern United States, Georgia sees many fluctuations in weather, temperatures, and humidity, which can make it difficult to keep your piano in tune year-round without regular maintenance.
  • Age of Your Piano – Many piano manufacturers recommend getting a newer piano tuned as many as four times per year during the first two years. The main reason for this is the strings need time to stretch and compress until they’re able to hold the piano in tune better.

Reduce Piano Repair Costs by Getting Regular Tuning

Putting off piano tuning may save you money in the short term, but it usually ends up costing you more in the long run with repair costs. Not having your piano in tune puts additional stress on the strings, increasing your risk for string breakage. To avoid this, rely on Piano Day for all your piano tuning needs in the Greater Atlanta Area. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with our tuning experts!

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